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Fruit in Pots: Chicago Hardy Fig

Last year I wanted to expand my edible collection and scored 2 very tiny Chicago Hardy Fig cuttings.  They both took almost half the summer to leaf out, and only had a growth spurt the very end of the summer.  Each stick is about 1.5ft tall.

Fig Mosaic Virus

When I got the figs, first thing I noticed was the misshapen leaves.  This is a symptom of Fig Mosaic Virus. This disease, unfortunately, is extremely common in fig trees.  In fact, almost all figs from cuttings are infected, and the only way to guarantee an uninfected tree is to grow from seed.


Proper leaf formation. This tree showed signs of Fig Mosaic Virus last season, but currently appears to be growing well.

Fig Mosaic Virus results in slowed growth, misshapen leaves, and decreased fruiting in some varieties.  Some varieties never show symptoms, some have symptoms only when stressed.  This is not deadly to the tree, and a tree can grow and fruit well even when infected.  Tools must be sanitized, however, after working with an infected tree to avoid infecting other plants.

There is no treatment or cure.  If a tree is well fertilized, and has proper growing conditions, there should be little effect from the virus.

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