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Fruit in Pots: Lemon

Last fall, the warm weather stayed late into October, and I made the mistake of leaving my potted Moro Blood Orange outside too long. One cold night was all it took to kill the grafted portion of my 3 year old orange tree. The cold-hardy roots may still be alive, but we won’t find out until spring when I put it in the sun. If it lives, I’ll no longer have a Moro, but probably a Flying Dragon, or Trifolate orange. This might make for an interesting bonsai.

Why is my Meyer Lemon dropping leaves?

But anyways, when my healthy Improved Meyer Lemon started shedding leaves all over the place a few weeks ago, I got scared.

Losing all its leaves.

Losing all its leaves.

I did some research and found out what was going on. In the summer, lemons develop an extensive root system that can support the tree during the darker winter period. In the winter, the plant remains evergreen, but is somewhat dormant.

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